Stuart is everything you would expect from a top Basi Trainer. His sessions are always professionally structured, engaging and rewarding, but what sets Stuart out from the crowd is the high expectations he sets for himself as your coach. He personally strives for outstanding performance and quality and this comes through in his sessions and ultimately as an outcome in your own skiing. I’ve had some really nice compliments from skiers at the snowcentre in Hemel Hempstead and one person even said they almost fell off the lift straining to watch me ski down which surprised me as I haven’t been skiing that long and I don’t see myself in that way.

I now realise it’s probably because I’ve trained with Stuart from the beginning of my career as an instructor and the quality must show through. What I particularly like about Stuart is his ability to know exactly how far he can develop you at every session depending on your physical and emotional fitness levels. At times he has listened and helped me see things differently, overcoming mental and physical blockages in my performance, so I’ve shared some real wow moments with him. I also like his use of video analysis as a development tool which is like no other I’ve seen. I can’t recommend Stuart highly enough. He’s just brilliant.

Thanks Stuart