Ski Focus Philosophy

Ski Focus has a revolutionary approach to ski teaching. It is based on the principle that the key to efficient skiing lies in focusing on the performance of the ski, rather than on the performance of the skier.

There are many elements that can affect a skier’s performance and their ability to develop and learn. These points can be simplified to four key areas; technical, psychological, equipment and physical. No matter what your age or ability these areas need to be addressed to enable efficient and effective development.

  • Technical
    Technical performance is the area that the majority of skiers like to focus on, and fine tuning this area can lead to being able to skillfully ski all over the mountain on varying terrain. Your coach will develop and mold your technical performance, building on each session, and increasing in intensity as the sessions progress.
  • Psychological
    Terrain, snow conditions, confidence, weather and many other elements can affect a skier psychologically. Your coach will use many skills and strategies to help you cope with these factors during your training, to enable you to ski the mountain with confidence.
  • Equipment
    Having the right equipment for your age and ability level will greatly enhance your development and enjoyment. Ski Focus, and our trusted partners, are here to guide you to the right choice.
  • Physical
    If you are physically fit this will enable you to ski for the duration of your holiday and enable you to get the most out of each teaching session. Tailored physical training programmes and advice is available by booking a session/sessions with Frank Neafcey who is a Strength and Conditioning coach that we work with.

Ski Focus combines these key points with awareness-raising activities that encourage you to be more aware of what the skis are doing on the snow and how to improve the effective use of the skis. This enables you to make changes and improvements in real-time and encourages long term development.

Videoing the skier performing a specific task, analysing the footage with the student, and the creation of action points enables the skier to develop, and reinforces the points highlighted above. These personalised videos will be available to every skier to download at home and will comprise of footage taken over the duration of the course*.

Our philosophy has already helped many skiers from beginners all the way up to instructor level, so why not join us and let us develop your skills too. For further information about our coaching philosophy and our coaching team please visit our ‘about us’ page.

All of our instructors hold the BASI Level 4 ISTD, the highest ski teaching qualification available through BASI. The BASI Level 4 is recognized throughout the world and is highly respected. If you would like further information on BASI click here. Our instructors are also vastly experienced in teaching and training all levels of skier from beginners to instructors, and national team racers.

Ski Focus offers a wide selection of skiing options catering for beginners to racers, and from bumps to off-piste. Whether you are a beginner, novice, addicted competent skier, fellow instructor or racer – there’s something for you.

Visit our ‘find your level’ page to work out which courses/training is best suited to your needs.

*Personal videos available for bookings totaling 6 hours or more.

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